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2Mp 2020

Byron Williams, known as the music producer 2Mp, was born in the Dominican Republic on July 20, 1988. At the age of three, he and his family relocated to the United States. Byron was raised in Reading, Pennsylvania, where his father, an aspiring musician who had success playing bass guitar in his native country, introduced his son to music throughout his early childhood.

Byron's passion for making music surfaced when through trial and error he taught himself to mix cassettes of different artists to create new songs with a tape recorder. The euphoria of creating something unique from preexisting sounds was simply astounding, and it took Byron by storm. Through this tactic, he developed an ear for producing music, and started the journey toward fully realizing his originality.

To gain experience with individuals, and discover their preferences for music, Byron worked as a disc jockey. It wasn’t long before Byron started his very own business, with the help of his parents who'd nurtured his love for music. Byron dedicated much of his time and money from previous gigs to honing his craft as a music producer.

He started working with custom beat-making software, to test his capability of producing signature harmonics. As he developed his craft, Byron took the opportunity to build a studio for local artists to express themselves through his music.

During his adolescent years, his production expanded to many other countries around the world such as The Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Panama, Venezuela, Mexico, and the UK. Byron has worked with aspiring artists, musicians, producers, and engineers in the music industry, eventually earning a feature on the mix tape series "Coast2Coast Instrumentals" and "Got Instrumentals", two of the leading mix tape series in the world.

With well over 15 years of experience, Byron continues to provide studio services in Reading, Pennsylvania. His versatility extends to countless genres, although Hip Hop, Pop, Dance, Reggae, Reggae-ton, and Latin Music stand out on his resume. Artists willing to take their record to the next level are provided with recording, production, mixing, arrangements, and/or instrumentals for their next project.


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